16 channel Video Sculpture “Screenscaping Berlin _ Ästhetik des Verfalls; Design for Electronics Sterben” by [dNASAb] 2013

16 LCD screens, 48 ft of LED’s,cast plastics, speakers, auto-start media players, HD audio/video tracks 120 in. x 120 in.(10 ft x 10 ft )

"The instant my mother passed away; every screen in the house-glitched-and froze, my sister says "there she is" pointing at the screen,and she was right"[dNASAb]

Site specific,16 channel video sculpture.This piece is on long-term exhibition/loan to The WYE Berlin and was exhibited in this years Cyberfest 2013, with Cyland Media Art Lab from St.Petersburg, Russia http://www.cyland.org/

"The clarity of the bubbling video goo, oozing from the cracks and melted holes in the led screen, jittered glitch-y line drawings of sadness, whilst I killed it." [dNASAb]

(Source: videoartexplorer)

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